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River Division 513



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Me and Majdecki at Rach Gia.jpg (37315 bytes)

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Photo #1 is of the head of maintenance, again can't remember his name.

Photo #2 is of John.J Jones our barber cutting Rick Hitchman's Hair.

Photo #3 is of Jones again. I believe he was from Tennessee.

Photo #4 is of Lloyd Alfred's boat crew stopping by to get some ice. We were stationed at Binh Thuy when this photo was made.

Photo #5 is of Steve Bingham and Barney Belcher.  Looks like I (Steve) might have been working on an alternator on one of the 6V-53 series Detroit Diesels

Photo #6 is of Lloyd Alfred's crew after we had moved to Rach Gia. This photo was made on the Gulf of Thailand.

Photo #7 is of Steve Bingham with a fish that one of our crew caught by using a concussion grenade.

Photo #8 is of Steve Bingham and another fellow from Chicago whose last name is Majdecki. Not too sure of the spelling.

Photo #9 is of Steve Bingham with a recoilless rifle that we commandeered from somewhere. I think it is an 88mm launcher.

Photo #10 is of me again (Steve Bingham) sitting in the forward gun tub with the twin 50 caliber guns that were our main weapons. 

Photo #11 is of our favorite patrol officer and gentleman Mr. McGrath. He really was a wonderful officer and a pleasure to work with.

Photo #12 is of Phong, our Vietnamese trainee who we were training to take over the boats when we eventually pulled out. 513 was one of the last divisions to turn over their boats and we had not yet turned over the division to the Vietnamese when I left in May of 1970.

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