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River Division 513


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Photo #1 is of another maintenance person whose name I can not recall. He was from Detroit and we call him "Ski".

Photo #2 is of from left to right , Waltz, Klumper, and Lambros. This was taken at Rach Gia outside the chow hall which was a floating barge.

Photo #3 is of from left to right Klumper, Lambros, and Waltz. Klumper and Waltz were from the mid west, I think maybe Minnesota or Michigan, I am not sure.

Photo #4 is of Waltz in our barracks which was built by the CB's after we were there for some time. I'll have pictures of this from the outside on another page. Note the interesting walking stick that Waltz is holding.

Photo #5 is of a guy named Wylie. That is all that I remember of his name. He was from California and did 2 or 3 tours there in Vietnam. Really a neat guy.

Photo #6 is of a PBR that I saw in for repairs at the repair facility at Binh Thuy. Don't you know those guys had a story to tell. Fortunately, this was not a 513 boat.