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These are a few of the pictures that I made from May of 1969 - May of 1970

Amack on 50.jpg (67568 bytes)                                                  Barney on 762.jpg (53610 bytes)                       

GMG2 Leland Amack                                  QM1 Barney Belcher



Al Bodway.jpg (64127 bytes)                                                  Belcher Crew.jpg (103607 bytes)

RD1 Al Bodway  today                                      Bud Amack ,Barney Belcher,

                                                                   Steve Bingham,  Paul Lambros 



Bud Amack on 50's.jpg (99926 bytes)                                                     Chief Hicks.jpg (84488 bytes)

"Bud" Amamck                                                Chief Hicks and crew     


Chips on Mortar.jpg (57126 bytes)                                                      Division at Rach Gia1.jpg (59301 bytes)

     "Chips"                                                          Division at Rach Gia


Fish Fry in Nam.jpg (24940 bytes)                                                       Fuck Communism.jpg (24140 bytes)

  ABE2 Bilbrey                                               Robert W. Chenevert

Early Days at Rach Gia.jpg (90971 bytes)                                                        Greek oiling M60.jpg (100323 bytes)      

Early Days at Rach Gia                               SN  Paul "The Greek"  Lambors



a group of crazy boat captains at Rach Soi        Some of the weapons that we carried

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