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River Division 513


These are some photos that I made between May of 1969 and May of 1970. These are personnel that I served with at that time.


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Photo #1 is RD1 Al Bodway now living in Florida

Photo #2 is GMG3 Leland "Bud" Amack now living in Littleton Colorado

Photo #3 is QMC Barney Belcher now living in Florida

Photo #4 is my PBR crew from left to right is Bud Amack, Barney Belcher (boat captain) Steve Bingham, and Paul "the Greek" Lambros

Photo #5 is a group of boat captains whose names I can't remember. This picture was taken at Rach Gia and has some people from River Division 513 and 515

Photo #6 is of Chief Hicks who was one of our patrol officers of 513

Photo #7 is of two of my crew after I became a boat captain when Barney Belcher left the Division in December of 1969. One of their nick names was "Chips" and I can't remember either of their full names. Can you help?

Photo #8 is of most of our Division when we were stationed at Rach Gia. See anyone you know?

Photo #9 is of another person whose name I can't recall. This was take at Hon Tre Island off the coast near  Rach Gia.

Photo #10 is of another person  whose name I have forgotten. Please help me put a name with his face.

Photo #11 is of another person whose name escapes me. 30 years is a long time to try to remember names.

Photo #12 is of Paul "the Greek" Lambros. We have been trying to locate him now for a long time. He used to live in Chicago. Can anyone help us locate him?

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