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Roy Howell's Photos

These are some photos that Roy gave to me to publish during our visit in October or 2000. Roy came by the Holly Bluff Camp Ground near Asheboro, NC which is only about 5 miles from my home and we had a wonderful visit. He had been up to see his son who lives in VA. and it sure was good to visit with Roy after we had  been in touch with each other for several months.

Roy Howell 1.jpg (60013 bytes)        Roy Howell in October 2000 at Holly Bluff Camp Ground, near Asheboro, NC

roy2.JPG (136115 bytes)    Roy's crew in Vietnam in 1968


roy3.JPG (143203 bytes)    Roy with some of his crew


roy4.JPG (293538 bytes)    Roy's crew, can't remember any names.


roy5.JPG (172511 bytes)    Roy Howell, Vietnam 1968