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These are some of the photos that Ross Hall from California has sent to me. Ross was with 513 when the Section was formed in 1966. If you can help Ross or me identify these people, please get in touch with us.

vl 02.jpg (84602 bytes)  Lt. JG May from New Orleans on right and behind May is CO George Farnham     vl 03.jpg (72775 bytes)  Relaxing at the club on right is CO Farnham and left of fan is Lt.     JG May


vl 04.jpg (79233 bytes)  PO2 Robinson (facing camera) Johnny Brooks-white tee shirt and cigarette               vl 07.jpg (75797 bytes) A VN trainee


vl 08.jpg (55809 bytes) Tony B. Heatherly, Butch Sturgeon in marine cap and Johnny Brooks standing          vl 09.jpg (58176 bytes) heading out on station Hal Hicks standing on gunnels


vl 102.jpg (55046 bytes) Johnny Brooks                                                                                                                      vl 103.jpg (84770 bytes) guy on right with hat is Butch Sturgeon


vl 11.jpg (39837 bytes) Dan Johnson with sunglasses on                                                                                         vl 12.jpg (47247 bytes)  Good shot of a PBR MK I


vl 13.jpg (41276 bytes) Standing by the aft 50 cal.                                                                                                     vl 16.jpg (51117 bytes) Art Stesen on 50's, by flag Johnny Brooks, aft 50 Butch Sturgeon


vl 17.jpg (64601 bytes) Brown                                                                                                     vl 22.jpg (48602 bytes) SM1 "Bobcat" Braden on left and Bob Garnett on the right, and Brown in the middle


vl 24.jpg (60521 bytes) Mercatroid in the middle and on right is "Bronco" Broncolli                               vl 29.jpg (52055 bytes) A rough looking bunch


vl 31.jpg (38224 bytes) Joe Musetti                                       vl 32.jpg (51470 bytes)  Dan Johnson


vl 35.jpg (46008 bytes) Standing watch with the .12 GA vl 36.jpg (66106 bytes) PO2 Robinson and Bill Marion on

                                                                                                               forward guns.


vl 37.jpg (46867 bytes)  Chief Ross Hall                                   vl 39.jpg (50592 bytes) Russell McConkey