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These Pictures were brought to me by my good friend Richard "Rat" Terrell who is living in Georgia.


black_pony.jpg (25152 bytes) A Wonderful Site (black pony)                 busby_and_crew.jpg (53856 bytes)  Busby and Crew

to see when you are in trouble!!!!!!!!!


rach_gia_hotel.jpg (27257 bytes) Our early Rach Gia Hotel           rats_helmet.jpg (30519 bytes)  The "Rat's" Helmet                        


rick_and_bm1_foley.jpg (41800 bytes) Rick and BM1 Foley       rick_in_forward_gun_tub.jpg (40301 bytes) Rick in forward 50's


rick_inspecting_sam_pan.jpg (40558 bytes) Rick inspects sampan     rick_on_back_50.jpg (30693 bytes)  Rick on aft 50


rick_on_m60.jpg (33104 bytes) Rick on  the M60           rick_with_cayman.jpg (32260 bytes) Rick holding a cayman


rick_with_m14_carbine.jpg (41001 bytes) Rick with an M14 Carbine rick_with_m60.jpg (42699 bytes) Rick holding an M60 at Rach Gia


william_keene_with_cayman.jpg (37677 bytes) William "Peaches" Keene  william_peaches_keene.jpg (36609 bytes) "Peaches" in forward gun tub