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These photos were sent to me by John Prendergast who is BM1 Arthur O. Prenderhast's son. Arthur was in River Division 513 in 1968 and served as a patrol officer until he was killed in action on March 24, 1968. These are some of Arthur's photos from Vietnam. His boat took 3 B40 rockets in an ambush as you can see in one of the photos of his boat. John and his family live at 9006 Independence Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345 and his phone # is 760-947-1755. I am sure they would be happy to hear from any of Arthur's friends who served with him in Vietnam. You can also get in touch with them by contacting Stephany Prendergast (John's daughter) by email at: sprendergast@calext.Com


       (1)                        (2)                        (3)                     (4)                          (5)                      (6)



        (7)                      (8)                         (9)                        (10)                      (11)                     (12)



           (13)                 (14)                     (15)                       (16)                    (17)                     (18)