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Owen Favro has just sent me these photos. Owen and I were on the same boat for a while in 69-70.  He was my engineman after I became a boat captain and did one really great job. Thanks for the photos Owen


vnpic_1.jpg (43563 bytes) man, what a party we had        vnpic_2.jpg (31403 bytes) A swift boat with a PBR


vnpic_3.jpg (30584 bytes) Favro is on the right                 vnpic_5.jpg (51377 bytes) Base at Rach Soi 


vnpic_6.jpg (56057 bytes) another shot at Rach Soi      vnpic_8.jpg (51522 bytes) some crew at Rach Soi


vnpic_11.jpg (41748 bytes) heading out on patrol    vnpic_13.jpg (29559 bytes)   Cuoto                                      


vnpic_14.jpg (42548 bytes) Maintaining the guns     vnpic_15.jpg (43987 bytes)  Now for some time off


vnpic_17.jpg (42339 bytes) Steve Garrow                 vnpic_18.jpg (36871 bytes) Pulling up beside the USS Harnet County


vnpic_19.jpg (54570 bytes)  Owen Favro and VN  vnpic_16.jpg (52614 bytes) More gun maintenance