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The photo #1 was sent to me by Billy Moore. There was a reunion in Sevierville, Tennessee the last week in May, 2004 and the following guys were there. From left to right are; Godfrey Garner, Billy Moore, Doyle Hensley, Jack (Andy) Anderson, Phil Yocum, and David Taylor. I know you guys had a wonderful time and the hats and shirts really look sharp. Someone has done a wonderful job and I know it was really an emotional time for you guys! The remaining photos are described by their number below.


           (1)                    (2)                           (3)                       (4)                     (5)                          (6)


           (7)                     (8)                       (9)                      (10)                      (11)                      (12)


           (13)                (14)

# 2
I missed my teenage years, my wife says that I am making up for it with my 1955 Chevy
# 3, # 4, # 5 & # 6
"Welcome Home" from my wife and sister in-law after our (myself and Jack Anderson) reunion at David Taylor's in North Carolina. They had flag pole and sailor put in front yard. 
Reunion was from: June 28, 2006 thru July 2, 2006
# 7
David Taylor (left), me (right) Having Drinks In SaDec...not sure of the other guys names.
# 8
Bobby Queenan (BBQ) Patrol Officer, Charlie Patrol - Boats 111 & 102
# 9
Boat Crew #102
David Taylor (left), Chief Beard (standing), Don Rogers (middle) and Jerry Adams (right)
# 10
Boat Crew # 111
Charles "Hank" Henry (left), Haynes (middle), Wong (right) and me (bottom)
# 11
Group 513 = Plaque received from Province Chief of SaDec after TET (1967-1968)
# 12 
Jacksonville Reunion July 2005
Me, Taylor, Hensley & Valenti (Standing =left to right)
Rogers & Anderson (sitting =left to right)
# 13
SaDec Base - Showing "Bat Mobile" which we rode back & forth to the pier. Upchurch (left), Madrano (middle) & Hank (right)
# 14
Plaque with pictures of us in 1960's and present
Jack Anderson wrote this poem!
TOP PHOTO: (Left to right)
Godfrey Garner, Billy Moore, Doyle Hensley, Jack Anderson, Phil Yocum
& David Taylor
BOTTOM PHOTO: (left to right)
Top: Doyle Hensley & Godfrey Garner
Middle: David Taylor & Jack Anderson
Bottom: Phil Yocum & Billy Moore