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These photos are from Mike Antonio from Billings, Mt. who just recently found our web-page. Mike was in 513 from 8/68-9/69. Mike's contribution to our web-site is really appreciated. His photos are of some of the guys and places that he took during this time. He has identified some of these guys, but we need help identifying the other guys. If you know any names of these guys, please help us out. Mike had a unique distinction of being in the second longest fire fight recorded in PBR  history. Thanks so much Mike for contributing to our web-site.

VN NEWS LETTER from Mike also tells what River Division 513 was doing during November of 1968. Very interesting reading and thanks Mike for the contribution.


Mike Antonio                                 Munize, Antonio and Mendenhall


Mike in Rach Gia                          Lt. Bartlett


Jon "Mike" Barker                        Dan Mendenhall


Mike, Help, Jackson                     Yeoman Ed Strzalkowski


Antonio,  Williams, Harry Cowden, Marshall  Dan Mendenhall


Mike Antonio and friends         Williams, Marshall, Ellsworth, Doty


  Marshall                                      Mike with gun and Harry  Cowden


Dock at Binh Thuy                        after one of many fire fights.


Jackson, boat captain, and Mike  The Shark's Den at Binh Thuy


Munize and Mendenhall                 A huge weapons seizure


Mike Antonio and Harry Cowden