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Here are some pictures that Mike Abzell has sent to me. As always, anyone who remembers names, please let me or Mike know ASAP. Mike is now living in Port Saint Luci, Florida


co 513.jpg (45845 bytes) The entire 513 division   div in 68 on lst.jpg (50809 bytes) 513 division of 1968 on LST


front guns on pbr.jpg (35311 bytes) Forward 50's               looking for downed helo.jpg (77032 bytes)   Looking for a downed helo


mike at club.jpg (36133 bytes) Mike Abzell at the Shark's Den and             my boat 117.jpg (28384 bytes)  Mike's boat #117

with Mike Antonio in the background

my boat capt.jpg (29282 bytes) Mike's boat captain   rear 50.jpg (45036 bytes) A good shot of the rear 50


some of the guys.jpg (50047 bytes) Some of the guys  wylie.jpg (27706 bytes) Wylie was still with 513 in 69 when I was there

Dan Mendenhall (Bugs) in the middle