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These are some pictures that Lloyd Alfred from Pennsylvania sent to me. Lloyd and our crew (Barney Belcher as boat captain) usually ran together on patrols.



buddist_friend.jpg (25824 bytes) A Buddhist and his friend.  huey.jpg (25390 bytes) A Huey that used to save our bacon.


lloyd_on_m60_mortar.jpg (23432 bytes) Lloyd getting ready to load    lloyd_pa_state_flag.jpg (34036 bytes)  Lloyd's PA State flag has a B40

                           a 60mm round                                                     round shot through it.                


lloyd_with_m60.jpg (19776 bytes)  Lloyd inspecting one of         monitor.jpg (15902 bytes)  A Monitor Boat on Patrol.

                            M60 machine guns.


monitor_heavy.jpg (33890 bytes)  A Monitor close up.               on_step.jpg (26540 bytes)   On step in the Gulf near Rach Gia


romeo_canal_kids.jpg (53086 bytes)  Romeo Canal Kids          sea_wolf.jpg (17521 bytes)  A Sea Wolf leave the Harnett County


seal_stab.jpg (44096 bytes)  A Seal STAB boat at           spooky_place.jpg (29470 bytes)  One spooky place.

                            Rach Soi.


swift_boat_pcf.jpg (28898 bytes)  A PCF swift boat                 xich_lo.jpg (30798 bytes)  A Xich Lo taxi.


McGrathGraham.jpg (47509 bytes) This is Mr. McGrath with Mr. Graham (our commander during most of my stay in Vietnam). Mr. McGrath was our XO