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Ed Gazdag is also from Pennsylvania and was in Vietnam with 513 for two tours of duty. He was with 513 from January of 1969 until it was turned over to the Vietnamese in August of 1970. These are a few of the pictures that he sent to me.

andy_stamatin.jpg (15719 bytes) Andy Stamitin                       bob_foulds.jpg (21795 bytes) Bob Foulds



en2_gaub.jpg (20081 bytes)  EN2 Gaub                            gaz_and_buddies with_m60.jpg (19007 bytes)  Gaz and buddies


gaz_and_hammermaster.jpg (32135 bytes)  Gaz and Hammermaster    gaz_and_jim_bean.jpg (29906 bytes)  Gaz and Jim Bean


gaz_and_long.jpg (16621 bytes) Gaz and Long                       gaz_at_mexico_tea_room_in_can_tho.jpg (17208 bytes)   Gaz at the Mexican Tea Room

                                                                                                                 in Can Tho


gaz_at_restaurant.jpg (51499 bytes) Gaz at a nearby restaurant  gaz_majdecki_allspaugh.jpg (19701 bytes)  Gaz, Majdecki, and Allspaugh


gaz_with_m16.jpg (23523 bytes)  Gaz with M-16                     rat_and_vn_kids.jpg (41619 bytes)  Rat with VN Kids


waltz_etc.jpg (27200 bytes) Waltz, Klumper , and ?         williams_armstrong_and_jackson.jpg (20502 bytes)  Williams, Armstrong, and Jackson


working_on_engines.jpg (20571 bytes)  Jack Such Working on the engines squinting at camera