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Here are a few photos that Eddie Densmore from Houston, Alabama sent to me. We were in 513 together for about 8 months during 1969. Thanks ever so much Larry for sharing your photos.


   Binh Thuy

Binh Thuy sailor's names on plaque that were killed in action

Binh Thuy front gate 1968

Binh Thuy 1968 home to 513,514,and 531 Bassac River

Me and my boat 1969

Eddie Densmore and Fred Busby at Rach Gia

Eddie Densmore

Rach Gia

On patrol PBR 695

PBR Dispensary Binh Thuy

Rach Gia 1969

PBR Dispensary Binh Thuy 0800-1730 You wipe them out, we fix em up. Special today on bullet holes.