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Bill Keen

    Thanks to Bill Keen for providing us with an invaluable bit of history from July 26, 1969. Bill sent me the following sheet of patrol assignments that includes names, rate and rank with the boat numbers for each crew and the crew that they ran with that day.  There were submitted by LT(jg)  A.V. Bartlett USNR of River Division 513.

     Below are a few photos that I took today (March 4, 2003) of Bill and his work. What amazes me about Bill is that he works in so many different mediums (wood, stainless steel, bronze, steel to name a few) but that he is self taught and does everything right there in his workshop. He even built his own band sawmill. Bill is really a self reliant guy and depends on no one.

I am also including a link to Bill's photos on so you can see his photos there. The link is:

Flickr: billkeen2000's Photostream




Bill today                     Bill then                 Some of Bill's sculptures         Some of Bill's wood work and his shop


 A                                                          B                                                          C

PBR 675                                               PBR 37                                           PBR 45

GMG2 Keen                                     BM1 Daniels                                  QM1 Belcher

ENFN Grzenkowicz                          GMG3 Holly                                  GMG3 Wylie

GMG3 Sine                                       EN3 Morris                                    EN2 Bingham

GMG3 Armstrong                            SN Williams                                   GMG3 Amack

ENFN Than                                      ENFR Hgoc                                    ENFR Sao


 PBR 677                                            PBR 99                                        PBR 102          

RD1 Bodway                                   BM1 Brown                               GMG2 Densmore

EN3 Elisworth                                 GMG2 Gazdag                           EN3 Chenevert

GMG3 Muzumdar                          ENFN Such                                 GMGSN Collins

SN Alspaugh                                   SN Waltz                                    GMG3 Busby

ENFR Loi                                       ENFR Ham                                  ENFR Nhut


D                                                         E                                                                 

PBR 34                                                 PBR 679                                   Rocket Boat

EM1 Chlze                                          BM1 Boyce                            BM3 Szymkiewicz

GMGSN Hammermaster                     GMG3 Bagby                        ENFN Galbraith

EN3 Cinalli                                          EN3 Jones

GMG3 Gonyier                                   SHB3 Stamatin

ENFR Tai                                            ENFR Truyen


PBR 29                                               PBR 676                              Pier Crew          

EM1 Alfred                                          PR1 Conrad                    EN1 Fecht

GMG3 Lockley                                   GMG3 Sine                      ABE2 Bilbrey

EN3 Fuller                                           EN3Lawson                      EN2 Gaub

SN Lambros                                        SN Majdecki                     SN Terrell

ENFR Cahh                                         ENFR Tuan                       SN Hackenbracht

                                                                                                      EN3 Atchison

                                                                                                      GMG2 Antonio


YN3 Henderson