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Here are some photos that were sent to me from Phil Yocum, of Summitville, OH. Phil was an engineman (EN3) with 513 while they were based at Sa Dec from 1967 until 1968. Phil is very lucky to have made it home alive. Please look at Photo #13 and read his description .Does anyone recognize any of the people? We would like to put names with faces.


             (1)                     (2)                   (3)                         (4)                        (5)                      (6)


            (7)                     (8)                        (9)                         (10)                     (11)                (12)




1. 513 Crew Members. Dee Adamson is the one standing with green shirt on.

2. Canal in Sa Dec

3. Checking ID's

4. ID check. Far right with hat and glasses is J.R.Tollette. Can't remember the names of the others.

5. PBR crews on break

6. Prisoners

7. Street outside PBR base

8. Me, Henry (Hank), no name, Jack Anderson, no name. Back row, no name, J.R.Tollette, next one I think is Burell, no name.

9.  Ba me ba stand on the street corner up from PBR base.

10. Far left is B.H. Upchurch, no name and then C.O. Henry (Hank).

11. Phil Yocum

12. Picture of boat 33 that I was on at time it got ambushed. 3 PBR men actually died that day, two on boat (Proffer and Lake). Pendergast died on way to hospital with me. Me and the other crew member spent a long time in hospital for our wounds.

13. Names of graduating class from Cubi Point, Philippines of August 17, 1967. Phil thinks that maybe half of these guys went on to River Division 513.