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River Division 513


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Photo # 1 is a of Ross Hall and Nguen Tam Lee (Maritime Police) early 1967. Here are some
pictures that Ross Hall from California has sent to me. He is one of the original  members of 513. There are only 6 pictures in this album. 

Photo # 2 is of Ken Patchesky in 1966

Photo # 3 is of PBR 159 in hot pursuit.

Photo #4  is of RVN 1966

Photo #5 is of A guy named Crowly, EN3 in stern of MK 1. He was the snipe on 113 the night it was hit and burnt. 

Photo # 6 is of This a group of 3 whose names elude me, the center one being the boat captain of  113 when it sank. He was awarded the purple heart and a trip home.

Photo #7 is of PBR 113