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River Division 513


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Gazdag eating noodle soup.jpg (78371 bytes)

Rach Gia Hotel.jpg (27290 bytes)

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Rick and BM1 Foley.jpg (74669 bytes)

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Rick in forward gun tub.jpg (147910 bytes)

Rick in tree.jpg (247698 bytes)

Rick inspecting Sam Pan.jpg (78200 bytes)

Rick on  back 50.jpg (136990 bytes)

William _Peaches_ Keene.jpg (138579 bytes)

Rick with Cayman.jpg (148417 bytes)


Photo # 1 is Busby and crew. Where did the girl come from?

Photo # 2 is Ed Gazdag stopping for a lunch of good old noodle soup.

Photo # 3 is our hotel in Rach Gia. We stayed in these tents until the CB's were kind enough to build us a really nice barracks.

Photo # 4 is of "rat's" helmet. Didn't know he was such an artist.

Photo # 5 is Rick taking a break and BM1 Foley

Photo #6 is Rick having a bite of lunch also. Good soup, ugh.

Photo #7 is Rick on the forward 50's

Photo # 8 is Rick up a tree doing a little scouting.

Photo # 9 is Rick searching a sampan. Not much room in there is there Rick?

Photo # 10 is Rick by the aft single 50 with a full tub of ammo.

Photo # 11 is William "Peaches" Keene

Photo # 12 is Rick playing with a  Cayman that he found.