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River Division 513


A Spooky Place.jpg (35036 bytes)

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Lloyd on M-60 Mortar.jpg (27077 bytes)

Lloyd with M-16 Rifle.jpg (23955 bytes)

Lloyd with Pa State flag with rocket hole.jpg (37794 bytes)

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Romeo Canal - Kids.jpg (59316 bytes)

SEAL Stab.jpg (46200 bytes)

Swift Boat - PCF.jpg (28898 bytes)

VN Junk.jpg (23503 bytes)

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Photo #1 is a really spooky canal that we used to have to patrol.

Photo #2 is a Buddhist and his friend.

Photo #3 is a Huey that was on the USS Harnet county I believe.

Photo #4 is Lloyd getting ready to load a 60mm mortar.

Photo #5 is Lloyd holding an M60 machine gun.

Photo #6 is Lloyd holding a Pennsylvania state flag with a hole shot through it by a RPG.

Photo #7 is heading home from a long days patrol in the Gulf of Thailand.

Photo #8 is some Vietnamese kids on Romeo Canal where we used to pass on our way to patrols.

Photo #9 is a boat that the SEALS used to use called a STAB boat.

Photo #10 is a swift boat. The hulls of some of these boats were made of concrete.

Photo #11 is a Vietnamese junk that used to tie up near our base at Rach Gia.

Photo #12 is at the market place in Xich Lo. Taxi anyone?