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These photos were sent to me by Godfrey Garner who was with 513 from August of 1967 through August of 1968. Godfrey was with Hinds University for a while. He is now with Special Forces and will return to the USA in a couple of months from his THIRD tour of duty in Afghanistan.  How do you do it Godfrey? Her is a brief description that Godfrey sent to me about what he has been up to as of 8/6/2006

 Before I returned from this last activation, I had applied for and was accepted to teach on a Pima Indian reservation down by Tuscon but when I got back home, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine with the State Auditors office asked me to interview with them to work on a task force they're forming to investigate FEMA Katrina related fraud. They're going to give me a final say-so tomorrow. I'll either be moving to the gulf coast to work with them or heading out to Ariz.. Either way, I'll be relocating in another week or so. Up until 9-11, I was director of Criminal Justice studies at a local college. After we came home, I married Jack Anderson's sister and we were married for 17 years. I have a son who's a USN Prowler pilot, and a daughter who's an attorney and married to a USN F-18 pilot. They're in Fallon Nevada. Been married several times and have a bunch of wonderful youngest being 15 and lives with me. I joined 20th Special Forces, a Mississippi Army national guard unit when Desert Storm broke out. Went in as an E-4. I'm an E-7 now and will retire in Aug. unless they send us somewhere else and put a stop-loss on. I do Intelligence Analysis for the team.


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1. Godfrey Garner

2. Boys from the Gang

Some of the local guys who use to stop by my office in Kabul, drink tea and talk about things going on in the hood.. The two unshaven guys were my interpreters..I was there for a year doing a counterintel contract for a govt agency during 2004

3. Omar's bunker

This was taken in one of Supreme Taliban leader, Mullah Mhd. Omar's hideaway bunkers, outside Kandahar in 2003..He wasn't home at the time.. We lived in his home there after 5th SF killed most of his men and ran him off in 2002

4. Last night in Afghanistan

This was taken the night before I returned home from my contract in 04.. outside my office in Kabul