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These photos were sent to me by Edward Strzalkowski who was the Yoeman for River Division 513 during 1967-1968. See if you recognize anyone from his photos. If you can help identify any of these people please let me or Edward know!! Thanks to Doyle Hensley for helping ID some of the guys in these photos.



       (1)                             (2)                       (3)                          (4)                       (5)                            (6)


          (7)                      (8)                          (9)                    (10)                      (11)                      (12)


           (13)                    (14)                   (15)                      (16)                   (17)                      (18)


          (19)                    (20)                    (21)                     (22)


Picture # 1 - This is in SaDec Jan 1968.  Doyle Hensley shirtless, Ed Strzalkowski with shirt. Dancing in a "hooch"
Picture # 2 - This is the club in SaDec 1967. I'm the 4th from the right. The guy 2nd from the right is named Perry (last name unknown). Far end of the bar is myself ,Doyle Hensley, and next to me in the white shirt is Patrick Kane,BMC. Ron Baker is 3rd from the left.
Picture # 3 - 1968 in a hooch in SaDec.  The guy with glasses is named Hanson (name tag). I'm the guy with the dark mustache. Clint Fuller ,ENFN is the brother lying in the bunk in front of Ski.
Picture # 4 - 1967 unknown location. I'm the one lit by the overhead light. Don't remember the other
Picture # 5 - SaDec '68.  I'm in the foreground with the cigarette. Other guy is Fuller
Picture #6 - SaDec '68,  in a hooch. I'm on the right. Can't remember others. (Bill Keen say next to Ed is Ryan Hanes)
Picture #7 - As above. Now Jerry Adams on the far left. Ryan Hanes second from right.
Picture #8 - '68.  too clean for SaDec but maybe it is???? I'm on the far right.  That's Doyle Hensley in the immediate center of the picture facing sideways.Extreme right of the picture working left are Ski, Patrick Kane, Clinton Fuller, Doyle Hensley. I believe this photo was taken right after we transferred to Binh Tuey from Sa Dec and it was at that time that we were redesignated division from section. To clean to be Sa Dec and I remember the larger white in color buildings from Binh Tuey. I think !!!!
Picture #9 - '68. SaDec. Jerry Adams
Picture #10 - '68. SaDec I'm standing shirtless on the side. Jerry Adams is on the left and Ron Baker is on the right.
Picture #11 - '68.  on patrol from SaDec. Wong (left standing w/back to camera), Walter Vila (facing camera), & Don Roger (looking down).The Brother looking at the camera is Vila BM1. He and I were in the same patrol . He was boat Captain of one boat and I the other.


Picture #12 - '68. Ron Baker is on the right. Unknown on left.
Picture #13 - '68.  office in SaDec. I'm on the left.  Unknown officer on the right.
Picture #14 - '68.  Jerry Adams
Picture #15 - '68.  Ron Baker catching a grenade from Jerry Adams.
Picture #16 - '68. SaDec.  I'm standing under the canopy.  Jerry Adams on the far right.  other ?
Picture #17 - '68. SaDec.  I'm on the dock. Ron Baker has his back to Ed.

Picture #18 - '68 office in SaDec.  I'm on the left.  same unknown officer  other???

Picture #19' - '68 SaDec.  Jerry Adams
Picture #20 - Same as #6
Picture #21 - '68 SaDec I'm mid picture
Picture #22 - '68 SaDec.  I'm standing on the right. Fuller is the other guy.