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Here are some photos that Donald Kluemper has sent to me. Donald was in Viet Nam from 1969-1970 and I really appreciate the photos that he sent. If any of you remember any of these guys and can help us ID them, please let either Donald or Steve Bingham or Mike Antionio know. Thanks again Don for the photos.


Nice article about PBR's                                                   Black Beret Story                                                                             Barracks



Majdecki and Gazdag                                                        Chief ?                                                                                        Donald Kluemper


Bingham and Waltz                                                             Waltz and kids                                                       Waltz, Kluemper, and Lambros


PBR's                                                                                        Waltz                                                                            PBR being lowered into LST




Kluemper                                                                              Group                                                                                            Martinez


CO Graham                                                                         Awards Ceremony                                                                           Kluemper


Lt. Healy                                                                                    Group                                                                                             Unknown


unknown                                                                               awards ceremony                                                                        Majdecki