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Here are some photos that I made during the 2001 reunion at Ft. Mitchell as well as a couple that I made at Lloyd Alfred's home in McDonald, PA where I spent the night with his family after not having seen him now in over 30 years. We really had a wonderful time talking about old stories and catching up on each others lives. The reunion at Ft. Mitchell was really great and I met some wonderful people. Just wish that there were more from River Division 513 there.


Howell, Bingham, Gazdag and Curry.jpg (61673 bytes)Roy Howell, Steve Bingham, Ed Gazdag and Mike Curry. Unfortunately these were the only guys who showed up at Ft. Mitchell from River Division 513

Mike Curry.jpg (62503 bytes)Mike Curry was with 513 when I fist came into country. He was off the river and in maintenance when I got there in May of 1969

This is Lloyd Alfred and his wife Liz. I have never felt so special as they treated me during my visit with them. Wonderful folks.

Lloyd Alfred, Ed Gazdag, and Steve Bingham at Lloyd Alfred's house in McDonald Pa.

Fire Fight.jpg (36189 bytes) This is a photo of one of the painting of a PBR fire fight that was given away at the reunion. What memories this brings back.

Helo Support Picture.jpg (33710 bytes) Another painting that was auctioned off at the reunion. Anyone who ever served with PBR's or Helo support would loved to have had this picture. A beautiful piece of work.